Field Sales Agency Credico UK Meet Expectations of Convenience Market

The convenience market in the UK is expected to grow by 17.6% over the next few years. Credico ensures field sales agents meet the expectations of the growing market.


November 24, 2019


Press Release, United Kingdom

The UK convenience market is forecast to grow by 17.6% in value between now and 2023.

The combination of growth, evolving consumer buying behavior, and retailers delivering new store propositions makes the UK convenience channel an exciting place. Credico UK is a field sales agency that is quick to understand how long-term customer acquisition can be achieved on a consumer-focused impulse marketing strategy.

With growth in this market expected, Credico UK is already experiencing an increase in demand for customer acquisition for brands wishing to take advantage of this market. The convenience market is a crucial channel for all brands.


What They Want, When and Where They Want It

“Consumers seek to buy what they want, wherever it is convenient for them while looking for a great experience in the process,” says Ian Attwood, Director of Credico UK.

He adds, “We have a new audience of consumers now who have grown up in the era of ‘new convenience.’ This younger generation is key to driving ongoing growth, but have high expectations that need to be met.”

The solution is found in field sales and marketing agencies where high-growth brands can leverage the infrastructure, resources, and leadership instantly, rather than pivoting their own businesses, which can take months or even years to meet the expectations of the convenience market.


Credico Knows How It’s Done

Credico UK works with clients to establish propositions to attract and retain consumers, and the challenge for brands now is how to support that so they share in the growth opportunity. Years of operating field teams in the convenience sector tells Credico UK that an essential factor in successful campaigns has been their focus on delivering fantastic customer experience.

To unlock real efficiency, businesses need to have a clear offering that can be delivered to consumers without fuss.

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