How Businesses Can Spring into the Black this Spring Break Sales Season

Catch new customers and reinforce your relationship with existing ones while they're in a festive state of mind with money to spend - it's spring break!


March 22, 2024


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Spring break brings back a flood of memories for many of us. But for businesses, spring break is not just a week-long break from school; it’s a unique sales opportunity. The influx of out-of-towners and staycationers with both time and money to spend from mid-March through the first of April can have a lasting impact on sales. While it may not be much of a break for businesses, it’s a chance to boost sales and attract new customers.

This year, 55% of Americans have spring break plans, presenting a significant sales opportunity. Most of those vacationers, 87%, are planning weekend getaways. And stateside vacations are most popular, with 85% of spring breakers staying in the country and 25% of those simply “staycationing.” Meanwhile, 58% will head for waterfront locations, and 31% are planning urban/city trips. This diverse range of travel plans means businesses across industries can increase sales and customer base. The potential financial impact is substantial, with the annual spring break spending estimated at approximately a billion dollars.

At Credico, we view spring break as another sales season when customers are ready to spend on unique experiences. This underscores the importance of reviewing your current sales strategy to ensure your sales teams are prepared. During the spring break sales season, the focus should be on connecting with spring breakers who may be flooding your area or staycationers with some free time and vacation funds to spend. If you’re wondering how your business can make the most of this break and sales season, here are three ways companies can break from the red and spring into the black this spring break.


Transform your service into an experience

Spring break is all about travel, as this translates into experience. Studies show that approximately 1.5 million college students in America travel for spring break every year. Whether they are traveling locally or farther away from home, spring breakers are seeking a unique experience. The break they are getting from school and work is well-earned. Therefore, your business should ensure every customer has the best experience with your product. That’s why product demonstrations are imperative during this time. Don’t just sell to them; connect with them and offer them a unique experience to remember.


Give them a break

Give the customer’s wallet a break! The typical college student in the U.S. spends roughly $2000 on their spring break travel. Consider offering a sales promotion to attract customers and increase profits while also shaping your brand image. However, it’s crucial to ensure that your sales promotion aligns with your bottom line and is not simply a discount or price reduction. A targeted sales campaign can help build customer relationships and is an effective form of marketing that cannot be bought. So, give your customers’ wallets a break this spring break and offer them a promotion they won’t be able to resist!


Make the introduction

Spring break is an incredible opportunity to introduce your product to current and future customers alike. According to a 2023 AAA study, “more than 40% of U.S. adults with spring break plans are traveling with three generations.” It’s important to note that three main groups of potential customers who are part of these multigenerational spring break travelers: college students, families, and children traveling with their families. This means that there are three generations of potential customers who may be interested in purchasing your product. Therefore, tailoring your customer experience to cater to everyone during this sales season is definitely advantageous.

Spring break is a great way to kick off your sales goals. With the arrival of spring, daylight savings time, and the start of the second quarter of the fiscal year, there’s a lot of positive energy in the air that you can tap into. And, should your sales teams need help, Credico can help you simplify your sales and maximize your financial goals.

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