How to Motivate Your Team, Generate Sales, and Achieve Success

Motivate your team and they'll know you have their backs. A supported team is a productive team, and in sales, that means growth and success.


July 24, 2023


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At Credico UK, we firmly believe that motivation is the key to productivity. A team that feels content and motivated is more likely to put in extra effort and achieve greater results. Such a team enjoys their work and sees it as a source of fulfillment rather than a chore.

Productivity is crucial in business. In fact, a recent House of Commons Library research briefing report indicated that productivity levels in the United States are approximately 19% higher than in the United Kingdom. While productivity shouldn’t be seen as a competition, it’s essential to understand how it’s measured and how to increase it. According to Trading Economics, preliminary estimates show that productivity in the UK is decreasing. Output per hour worked fell by 1.4% in the first quarter of 2023, the first decline since the same period in 2022. This was a change from the 0.4% growth in the previous quarter.

Although the UK’s productivity has had its ups and downs, the COVID-19 pandemic and other factors such as lack of business investments, employee education and skills shortage, inaccurate productivity measurements, and job market factors, to name a few that, have significantly impacted the country’s productivity levels both presently and historically. Improving business productivity in the UK starts with motivating your team. And since motivation does not always have to be in the form of cash bonuses, we’ve compiled a list of 10 ways to motivate your team, generate sales, and achieve business success.


#1. Share Your Organizational Vision

Establishing a clear goal and plan as a team is essential for business success. It creates a strong sense of purpose that fuels motivation and fosters a sense of community. This shared goal unites us and prepares us to tackle any obstacles that come our way. Well-defined objectives help keep us focused and motivated on the most important tasks at hand.


#2. Communicate Clearly

Maintaining clear communication is important in any relationship, especially the relationship a business has with its team members. Engaging regularly and attentively considering the thoughts and concerns of your staff can unearth creativity and impactful ways of collaborating with one another. Failure to do so can result in decreased productivity and missed growth opportunities.


#3. Make People Feel Appreciated

A simple THANK YOU can go a long way. People need, want, and deserve to feel appreciated. Quite often, appreciation feels like a greater reward than money. Show your team sincere gratitude for the unique contribution each one makes to the business.


#4. Support New Ideas

Allow individuals to unleash their creativity and be astounded by their extraordinary ideas. Recognize and encourage them, even if their concepts may seem peculiar initially. The success of a company relies on innovation and originality. Therefore, it’s crucial to offer support and avoid discouraging individuals.


#5. Challenge Your Team with New Tasks

Encouraging people to take on challenging tasks and learn new skills is a great way to avoid boredom and increase productivity. But it’s vital to ensure these tasks are achievable and align with their interests to promote growth and improvement. Sticking to the same old routine won’t lead to progress, so it’s always good to mix things up!


#6. Encourage Creativity

As a supervisor, it’s essential to trust your team and let them be creative in achieving straightforward tasks and objectives. This shows you believe in their abilities and trust them to do their jobs well. Opening up to creativity can motivate your team in ways you may not have even predicted!


#7. Provide Opportunities for Growth

Performing repetitive tasks can cause individuals to experience a decrease in their drive and enthusiasm toward their work. However, exhibiting a strong work ethic and maintaining a dedicated approach to one’s job responsibilities can ultimately result in both personal and professional development.


#8. Create Healthy Competition

One effective approach to inspire individuals is by providing incentives for exceptional performance. Such rewards can be powerful motivators, encouraging individuals to give their best effort and share their valuable insights and perspectives.


#9. Celebrate Success

Even the smallest achievements are worthy of celebrating. The road to success consists of hundreds of small steps. Reward and celebrate every goal achieved. Prove to the team that their efforts are helping to make important steps forward.


#10. Create and Maintain Team Spirit

Being part of a team is like being part of a big family. The time spent together can sometimes be as fulfilling as with our own relatives. Building a solid and trustworthy bond within your team is essential. It is a good idea to plan team activities during and outside work hours to strengthen this bond. A team that shares mutual support and trust has a higher chance of achieving success.

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