Maintaining the Human Touch in your Business

With digital devices, services, and AI being implemented at all levels of business, how can we best maintain a human touch in our business relationships while effectively leveraging the advantages of today's tools?


May 1, 2024


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When we look around, it’s evident that we heavily rely on technology in our day-to-day lives. We are connected to it every day, all day. In 2022, 87% of UK adults owned a smartphone and spent an average of 4 hours and 14 minutes per day on their phones. This is a significant amount of time spent with technology, to the extent that it seems like we are beginning to prioritize our relationship with technology over our connection with the people who use these digital devices.  

We can see technological advancements replacing human interactions in today’s business landscape. For instance, digital devices are replacing human servers in restaurants, and chatbots are taking over customer service. However, how will it affect our business relationships with human clients if we continue on this path? With nearly 50% of UK jobs at risk of being replaced by technology within the next decade, it is more crucial than ever to seek ways to maintain a personal touch in business interactions.   

What steps are businesses taking to maintain a human touch in the face of inevitable technology integration? At Credico, we value the relationship businesses have with technology, which is why we leverage the best of both worlds by creating unforgettable customer experiences through omnichannel marketing strategies. We have mastered the art of face-to-face sales because of the human connection it cultivates while implementing top-tier tech to keep everything on track.  

Here are three ways we propose businesses implement omnichannel marketing to integrate more human touches alongside the technology we use and need.  


Stay connected — in person and online!  

It’s not as difficult to compete with rapidly-changing technology as it may seem. We can coexist with technology, and businesses can lead by example. Your sales team can interact with customers digitally while still maintaining human connections. The future is not about choosing between technology and humanity but about finding the right balance between the two. Use the latest technology to enhance your customer service experience, but remember that nothing can replace a genuine conversation between two people.  


Maintain ethical business practices  

Businesses have a responsibility to be ethical in how they source and develop their products, how they coexist in their community, and how they treat their employees. Replacing once-valued employees with technology may seem cost-effective in one aspect of business, but in the long run, is it really? How many customers can businesses lose because customers are frustrated by interactions with robots instead of people they’ve come to know and have a rapport with? Preserving the human element in your staff is how businesses maintain a human connection and give that same loyalty right back to your customers, which in turn is reciprocated to those who depend on this work for their livelihood.    


Create a lane of your own  

Marketing is a crucial aspect of any business to attract customers. However, it can be an expensive endeavor. With most companies adopting technology to replace humans, not following the herd can give your business a competitive edge. By hiring humans to support and serve your customers, your business can stand out as one of the few that values the art of human connection in business. This approach can help preserve and cultivate the importance of human interaction in the business world, which will benefit your business specifically.  

We appreciate the many technological advancements that make our lives easier, but we must not let these non-human advancements prioritize profit over people. Maintaining the human aspect at every part of our business is important for both business and humanity as a whole. We need each other; therefore, we should not let technology disrupt our connection. Instead, we must find a healthy balance with both because without both, where would we be?  


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