National Employee Health and Fitness Day — 5 Tips to Stay Healthy, Happy, and Fit on the Go

The third Wednesday in May is National Employee Health and Fitness Day in the US, an opportunity to promote a healthier work culture no matter where you are in the world.


May 15, 2024


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Sales professionals are charming, fun, and outgoing. When you’re in sales, it’s like you’re always on the move—tending to clients and looking for the next sale. However intriguing and fascinating this profession is, it is very demanding and is a lifestyle that is not meant for everyone. Sales professionals work long hours and are mentally and physically exhausted due to the pressures that come with the job, making this industry a challenge to maintain and prioritize a balance between one’s health and overall well-being.  

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are 13.3 million sales professionals in the United States. This includes sales-related occupations such as retail, wholesale, insurance, real estate, B2B, and more. Sales jobs are projected to continue to grow, with an estimated 63,300 new jobs opening up in the decade leading into 2028. With so many people in sales, these individuals indeed play a large part in the health of the American economy and deserve to be recognized and their well-being prioritized.  

That’s where National Employee Health and Fitness Day (NEHFD) comes in. Observed on the third Wednesday in May is a day dedicated to highlighting all the benefits of working out while encouraging people to get fit and make it part of their lifestyle. This year, NEHFD falls on May 15th. As an industry that works with sales professionals to simplify sales for our clients through our unique coordinated sales efforts and face-to-face interactions, we commemorate NEHFD as a way to ensure the health and vitality of our sales teams and continue to promote a health-first work culture. Here are five ways Credico suggests businesses encourage their employees to stay healthy, fit, and mentally sound while they are on the go.  


1. Health and Fitness Challenge  

Sales professionals are typically competitive, so creating a health and fitness challenge could be a fun way to get everyone involved in their health. By making this a game, there are no real losers because the end result is a healthier you. Plus, it’s an opportunity to support each other’s wellness and fitness journeys. Setting up this kind of challenge could also encourage the formation of a seasonal company league, ultimately growing from something your team does once to a regular office tradition. 


2. Incorporate Meditation Breaks 

Sales can be a stressful job. Stress can disturb the harmony within your body and cause you to feel unwell. Incorporating mindfulness and meditation breaks is a great way to disconnect and reset so that you can reconnect with less stress and less worry and focus on your goals and the tasks at hand.  


3. Take a Walk 

Walking is a powerful and often overlooked way to boost your health, happiness, and fitness. Did you know that walking can reduce your risk of heart disease, cancer, and premature death by 10% for every 2,000 steps you take a day at a pace of 80-112 steps per minute? Walking is a low-impact exercise that, when you get outside, also provides a natural dose of Vitamin D. So, if you want to improve your health, consider walking as a great option. 


4. Canine Colleague Day 

While not everyone gets along with dogs, these four-legged colleagues can work wonders to relieve stress and encourage positive energy. Imaging having your furry best friend as your colleague for the day! Bringing your pup to work for a day, even for a few hours, allows for a more festive work environment and has so many benefits. According to the ASPCA Pet Health Insurance report, working alongside a dog relieves stress, improves communication and collaboration, and promotes creativity and problem-solving while enhancing work/life balance. 


5. Implement Mental Wellness Days 

No one should have to use a vacation day when they aren’t in the mood. Sometimes, we are simply in a funk, and staying in bed is the only remedy. Implementing mental wellness days can allow your sales professionals to do nothing but be.  

Credico wouldn’t be the world’s leading face-to-face customer acquisition agency that it is today if it weren’t for our dedicated team of professionals. They are truly the backbone of our organization, and we thank them for their A+ customer service and commitment to this industry and their profession. We celebrated and dedicate this year’s National Employee Health and Fitness Day to your health and overall well-being. 


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