Six Must-Have Skills to Succeed at Customer Acquisition

Is your sales team armed with these six crucial skills? It all comes down to understanding people - read on to get the breakdown.


September 20, 2022


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A talented sales force is the most effective way of acquiring new customers. But consumers demand more now than ever before; no longer can it just be about the facts and price points. Salespeople must master consultancy and storytelling and empathetically listen to each customer’s requirements. Their processes must evolve alongside changing environments and have technology embedded at every touchpoint.  

While the process of customer acquisition is becoming more complex, ultimately, it comes down to understanding people. Here are six must-have skills to succeed in acquiring customers:

Present Data 

One of the most powerful differentiators today is information. A successful salesperson will use data to prove to customers why purchasing a particular product or service benefits them. Fact-based selling brings validity to your offer. Impressing a customer by showing them developing trends and future demands for your special offer helps them to buy into your sale.

Know Your Audience 

Understanding your ideal customer will make the sales process much more straightforward. By building a customer persona, you will know why they need your product or service, the best methods for targeting and converting them, and, most importantly, how to create long-lasting relationships with them. Once each salesperson and the leadership team clearly understand who the ideal customer is, you can stay focused and have a more significant chance of reaching and connecting with them.

Use Social Proof  

82% of Americans seek referrals and recommendations from family and friends before purchasing. Showing examples of how your offer has worked for other businesses is one of the most effective ways to gain trust. Remember to show evidence through public and verified reviews that others have purchased and found value in your product or service. 


Be Tech Savvy 

Salespeople should use technology solutions to deliver a more streamlined approach. Once there is a clear understanding of which technology applies to each part of a sales and marketing tactic, it can be a hugely beneficial tool for conversion. For example, see this case study from IBM about Credico USA’s implementation of tech solutions that enhance our sales processes. 


Offer Consultancy  

A consultative salesperson is an expert at “framing.” Customers generally know what they want, and it is the salesperson’s job to frame their product or service as the best solution. Using technical knowledge and creativity, the best salespeople offer advice and demonstrate an understanding of the person or business they are selling to. It is by sharing a set of examples for every business solution that separates the top salespeople from the herd. Once a potential customer sees them as a consultant rather than a salesperson, the chance of converting is much higher. But, remember, having both the substance and the delivery are of equal importance.

Close Like a Pro  

A good salesperson knows how to “ask for the sale.” The art of closing isn’t something mastered in a few days; it takes time and practice. It is by utilizing a combination of all of these techniques that you will get the highest closing success rate. Consumers will still do business with people they like, so be sure you have communicated clearly at every step of the process and positioned yourself as a go-to solutions provider.  

For businesses wishing to boost conversions and improve customer loyalty, please get in touch with our Business Development team and review our Solutions for more insight on how Credico can partner with you. 

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