Spend to Save: How to Show The Value of Your Product

The true value of your company's product or service has multiple impressive aspects, and you can stand out in a crowded marketplace by showcasing the production, people, and presentation that get to the heart of your best qualities.


July 8, 2024


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The concept of value is crucial in our everyday lives, as what we value reflects who we are. Businesses demonstrate their values to the market every day. Everything from packaging to product placement communicates value. However, nothing showcases a product’s value better than the care placed in production, people, and presentation. Businesses present products or services that their owners offer. Typically, these products or services were created to solve a problem, fill a gap, or help in some way to improve the lives of their target audience. When conceptualizing an idea for a business that improves an existing product, attention to detail is crucial. If your new business idea or product competes with existing products with a loyal following, then your particular brand has to be distinctive and provide something no other brand does. That is where value comes in.

In today’s market, standing out amongst the competition can be extremely challenging. It’s akin to being a little fish in a big pond, no matter how unique of a fish you are. It can be overwhelming when trying to get customers to see the value in your business, which means they see and know the value of your product. While we understand how the United Kingdom assesses the value of a product through the value of net and intangible assets, projected cash flow figures, entry cost, price-to-earnings ratio, and the industry’s rule of thumb aspect as it pertains to the specific valuation, in this case, we are referring to the heart of your product and how to value it from that perspective. 

At Credico UK, the value of your product is evident in three ways: in your sales and marketing, talent, and the product itself. Here’s how:


Product development stage

During the development stage, business owners build out the value of their products. Throughout the product development life cycle, the true value of a product is revealed. Taking the necessary time, even if it takes months or years, to ensure the product is created without cutting corners and actually delivers what is promised without causing harm to the planet or its customers. This stage is crucial as it sets the foundation for the product’s value. Ensuring that the product is beneficial to humanity and the environment is the first step in demonstrating its value.


Meaningful and sincere marketing

People must be aware of your business to succeed. That’s why marketing is crucial. While we understand investing in your marketing strategy does not mean your product has value, it’s how you market your product that shows its value. For example, real testimonies from real customers genuinely experiencing your product is marketing that shows the value of your product. In the event of a mishap with your product, transparency in your marketing shows the value of your product. Investing in good marketing with all the bells and whistles, cute and funny lingos, and attractive people can be seen as a distraction if the product isn’t of value and doesn’t serve the best intentions of its consumers. However, having a product that is good for the people and the planet and its marketing reflects that it is valuable. Remember, effective marketing is about promoting your product while demonstrating its value to your target audience.


Invest in your talent

Businesses thrive on partnerships, just as employers rely on their employees. The caliber of your talent directly impacts the strength of your organization. A business with a strong culture fosters a healthy relationship with its team. While a business owner may excel at conceptualizing and developing an innovative product, it’s the team that handles crucial aspects like sales and marketing, human resources, public relations, financial management, and planning. The bond businesses share with their talent, and the quality of that bond, mirrors the quality and value of their products. By investing in your people as much as your business invests in its product, you not only enhance your brand’s loyalty but also make your team feel valued and integral to your operations. Your team is the backbone of your business, and their dedication and skills contribute significantly to the value of your product.

Businesses that want to demonstrate real value in their product or service should take the time to consider the quality of what they offer. We view value as an exchange — in order to receive value, you must first give it. Evaluate your business’s value today and observe how it develops over time into a brand that you value and are proud to be a part of.

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