The Hidden Secret to Business Success: Consistency

Customers are more comfortable making a purchase when they know what they can expect from you - consistency keeps them coming back.


December 22, 2023


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Businesses that have been established for many years seem to have it all – a loyal customer base, sales teams with a positive attitude, and a beloved product that people simply can’t live without. It’s no wonder that business owners look at these successful brands with a healthy level of envy and curiosity, wondering how they managed to achieve such longevity. The answer, plain and simple, is consistency. Consistency is the best-kept secret to long-term business success.

Consistency is crucial in any successful relationship, whether personal or professional. In the business world, consistency is about establishing a business, identifying your target audience, creating a product or service that meets their needs, building a team that shares your vision and mission, perfecting the execution of your brand experience, and repeating this process every time, for every sale.

Consistency is key to a successful business. It can have a positive or negative impact on your brand. If your business is inconsistent, it can negatively affect your brand and, ultimately, your bottom line, putting your long-term goals at risk. But when your business is consistent, it demonstrates your commitment to delivering the best service and product possible and shows your customers that you care about their business. This intention behind your efforts speaks volumes about your focus on customers’ importance and satisfaction. Consistency also builds trust, a valuable byproduct of a successful business. Consistency is the avenue for trust. The 2022 UK Trust Barometer by Edelman, a global communications firm that has studied trust for over two decades, discovered that “trust is the ultimate currency in the relationship between institutions, including businesses.” When customers know what to expect every time they experience your product, it builds trust, which leads to loyalty.

Customer loyalty is another invaluable byproduct of consistency in business. According to the Netomi Pulse Report: State of Customer Service, 77% of customers believe good customer service is essential for earning loyalty and driving business growth. It’s like customers are making it clear to businesses that if they show loyalty to their customers, the customers will be loyal to their brand. In its Customer Loyalty Index report, Emarsys highlights a growing trend towards brand loyalty in the UK. According to the report, 73% of UK consumers now consider themselves loyal to specific retailers, brands, and stores, up from 55% in 2021. This report is good news for UK businesses as it demonstrates that companies can improve their brand loyalty, and consistency can help them achieve that goal.

Creating a positive brand perception is a primary goal for every business. This means the brand has a good reputation with its consumers and industry. This positive image is built over time by consistently providing positive experiences and receiving testimonials. When a brand is reliable and stable, it builds loyalty with its customer base and attracts and retains high-quality talent. It is well-known that people prefer working with businesses with a good reputation. According to the UK Work Wellbeing 2023 Report, only 23% of workers are thriving, which results in costs for society and businesses. The employees who interact with customers directly are essential in providing a positive and memorable customer experience. They are the ones who possess the required knowledge and expertise to implement the business values consistently. By upholding a high level of professionalism, maintaining a positive brand image, and being consistent in their approach, they play a major role in attracting more top talent to your business and establishing a standard that leads to long-term success.

Credico has been in business for over three decades and has achieved great success by consistently delivering outstanding results. We understand it takes a consistent, talented team and a nonnegotiable product standard to stay in business for 30 years and counting. At Credico UK, we help businesses succeed through outsourced sales services that are reliable and competent. If you want to grow your business and take the first steps along the road to long-term business success, get in touch with Credico today.

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