Why Credico Advocates Investing in Face-to-Face Marketing Channels

When looking to generate revenue while simultaneously focusing on ROI, face-to-face marketing shines.


August 11, 2023


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As a brokerage of direct sales and marketing campaigns, Credico understands the value of face-to-face interactions in the marketing world. While digital marketing has its place and benefits, Credico firmly believes that investing in fewer digital channels and prioritizing face-to-face marketing can yield exceptional results for businesses.

Navigating through challenging times has been tough for most businesses. The return to “business as usual” hasn’t been immediate, particularly with inflation steadily rising. Therefore, managing costs carefully remains crucial in the coming months.

The burning question for many businesses is: should you reduce marketing spend?

Credico acknowledges that the answer isn’t straightforward and can vary depending on the sector you operate in and the sectors your customers are a part of. While a complete pause on marketing may hamper your recovery speed, the risk of aggressive competition targeting your customers is also real. Customer attrition might occur, necessitating the replacement of lost business just to stay afloat.

Hence, your focus should shift towards determining which marketing spend to reduce rather than eliminating it entirely. The range of marketing expenses is vast, from digital advertising and staff salaries to marketing technology. So, where should businesses start?

Credico suggests revisiting the strategies that led to strong, successful growth when your business first started. Your marketing efforts were most likely directed at lead-generation activities at that time, creating opportunities to win new customers.

While brand building, content marketing, thought leadership, PR, and social engagement have their merits, Credico advocates analyzing the return on investment (ROI) for each marketing dollar spent. In today’s climate, the emphasis should be on generating revenue; this is where face-to-face marketing channels shine.

Investing in lead generation, particularly through face-to-face interactions, allows for measurable and focused efforts in generating sales opportunities with potential customers. The impact of these personal connections can be substantial, especially in the current market scenario.

Although numerous marketing agencies and technology vendors may recommend continued investment in digital marketing assets, Credico emphasizes prioritizing revenue generation. While digital marketing strategies have their place in the long run, businesses seeking to maintain or gain market share should proactively take their sales message to their prospects.

Credico offers solutions that combine integrated digital marketing with the power of face-to-face interactions, telesales, and events. This hybrid approach harnesses the strengths of both digital and personal engagement, ensuring the maximum number of qualified, sales-ready leads and online meetings.

Credico firmly believes that in the current landscape, investing in face-to-face marketing channels, such as events, B2B in-person meetings, and residential selling, can provide businesses with an edge and drive impressive results. Nurturing real connections with potential customers can lead to significant returns on marketing investment in the short and long term.

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