Why You Should Embrace Direct Sales

Partnering in tandem with your ongoing initiatives, Credico's direct sales solutions can help transform your business with custom solutions.


December 14, 2020


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The coronavirus pandemic has hit businesses hard and fast, wreaking havoc throughout many sectors that support the global economy. While businesses operating in some fields have experienced an immediate negative impact on revenue, others have experienced the exact opposite – thriving in this uncertain time.

Why is there such a difference? Some of it is entirely industry-specific good fortune, but one essential indicator points to a significant differentiating fact: businesses that continue to thrive have a multi-channel marketing approach.

Companies that adopted multi-channel methods and had executed successful online sales strategies pre-COVID-19 had an edge, securing record-setting sales during the pandemic. Meanwhile, many single-channel businesses that required consumers to come to their store or location experienced immediate pains during the COVID-19 lockdowns. Now, this does not indicate that businesses should focus on mere survival post-pandemic. Instead, they should pursue growth and further their business by incorporating a multi-channel strategy.

So where does Credico fit in? As an expert in direct sales and marketing campaigns, Credico (USA) LLC helps businesses to understand the unrivaled benefits of adding a direct sales channel to their business strategies. While it may be tempting for companies to turn their back on retail and make the switch to an entirely online system, we have seen this strategy backfire. By removing all face-to-face connections, there is a massive loss of brand power, negatively impacting your company’s ability to forge a lasting connection with customers. But Credico works alongside your existing business model, executing a direct marketing strategy and transforming your business into a multi-channel operation.

We are a global organization with about thirty years of success under our belt. We see three key benefits to calling in our expertise:


Time is money

Like all of us, our customers are busy. Packed schedules and never-ending itineraries that go past regular “business hours” leave limited time for consumers to locate, research, and find suitable suppliers to fill their needs.

Partnering with a team of experts resolves these problems. In-person representatives with expert knowledge of your business offerings can educate consumers on the best resolutions to suit their needs. With an onsite meeting, a live sales associate can complete all the necessary sign up details on the spot.

An outsourced sales force can increase profit margins by improving conversion rates and give a significant lift to market share for ambitious companies looking to grow.


Consulting versus selling

Carefully matched to your goals and vision, outsourced sales associates offer trustworthy solutions, forging lasting and authentic customer relationships. From initial brand exposure to a final sales transaction, partnering with experts will streamline processes and accelerate success.

Despite stereotypes, field sales is less centered around ‘pitching’, but instead takes the form of a risk-free strategy consultation with an industry expert. Their role is to offer personalized advice on impactful products or services.


A customized buying process

Our outsourced field sales associates can form a great partnership with consumers who are considering contracts with new service providers. They instill confidence by handling questions, addressing concerns, and ensuring a thorough understanding of all available products and services.

Organizations that overlook the opportunity to roll out a direct sales campaign will miss out on the prospect of having their target consumers benefit from an onsite consultation. Direct sales associates tailor their consultation to each individual and can showcase your entire product range.

At Credico, we provide options for you to expand your existing sales without expanding internal sales departments. Credico’s model makes it easy for businesses to get ahead. We are considered experts in outsourced sales and marketing, partnering with Fortune 150, mid-market, and renowned nonprofit organizations since 1991.

We can help you with creating a multi-channel operation. Get in touch today.

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