Achieving Rapid Growth Through Outsourced Sales

When you need to ramp up your sales quickly or expand into a new market, calling in a team of experts just makes sense.


October 4, 2022


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Outsourcing the sales function of a business can often be an overlooked tactic when expanding sales efforts into new markets. Outsourced sales is when a business hires a reputable third-party company responsible for a portion of its customer acquisition strategy. The main benefit of outsourced sales is that companies can alleviate the financial risks of taking on an internal salesforce.

For businesses looking to expand their sales into new markets or rapidly increase their customer acquisition rates, outsourcing is often the most effective solution in terms of both cost and ROI.

Credico has proven this by supporting businesses across the UK, USA, Canada, and South Africa through their outsourcing services.

Credico has spent the last 30 years dominating this space and has found its almost-risk-free sales services are in increased demand. Credico predominately partners with high-growth companies, which are businesses without a ceiling. All the limitations that might keep a company local, niche, or otherwise constrained are considered and addressed at the outset.

One of the main reasons businesses choose to outsource is rapid access to a wider variety of skills and the opportunity to scale rapidly. Getting the same work from an outsourced sales agency that you would from a team of full-time employees saves money and makes your business more profitable.

To achieve the high growth your business needs, it’s critical that the sales pipeline is continually monitored to understand the length of the sales acquisitions cycle, how it is performing, and systematic analysis of how many clients are being lost.

Data is everything. At Credico, to guarantee growth, we rely on our capability to analyze data daily to update and renew the sales cycle for our clients.

“For businesses looking to accelerate growth, their biggest obstacle can be access to resources to develop a quick delivering front end sales process. At Credico, we have developed a blueprint which has delivered exceptional results globally across various industries. The key to our success has always been our extended network of suppliers, meaning we have quick access to multiple territories.” said Mr. Ian Attwood, CEO of Credico UK.

Partnering with an outsourcing agency can allow you to keep scaling since there will always be a team available to work on all projects in your pipeline.

At Credico, we’ve simplified outsourced sales for Fortune 150, mid-market, and nonprofit organizations since 1991. We help companies that want to grow their customer base by simplifying the work of coordinating sales efforts. We use face-to-face interactions and creative technology applications to build customer relationships and amplify impact, using low-risk techniques of gathering customer data securely.

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