Five Misconceptions About Outsourcing

Outsourcing your sales efforts can offer a great deal of benefit, saving your business both money and time. Don't let misconceptions stand in the way of your success!


September 27, 2022


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A key benefit of outsourcing is that it makes a business more flexible and agile. Adapting to changing market conditions and challenges is hugely beneficial when developing a household name brand. So, why are there so many misconceptions about outsourcing?  

Through the recent pandemic, businesses have grown more comfortable working with distributed teams, which Credico is observing results in a higher adoption rate of outsourcing.  

Here are Five Misconceptions About Outsourcing:  


Misconception #1: You give up control.  

Some businesses believe that they can’t control the part of the business they choose to outsource – that the company they employ hijacks this part of their business. This statement couldn’t be further from the truth. Every business has its own culture, processes, and individual KPIs; when choosing an outsourcing partner, these will all be considered. Here at Credico, we are an outsourced partner for many household brand names; therefore, their very brand is an advantage. We want to ensure we are an extension of the company; therefore, understanding them inside and out is of the utmost importance. Our clients call the shots.  


Misconception #2: Outsourced staff lack industry knowledge.  

Actually, the reason you should choose an outsourced partner is because of their knowledge. They will be industry specialists as they work with a range of clients doing the same thing; therefore, that knowledge is constantly expanding. A fundamental part of launching a new partnership is onboarding – during this time, specifically at Credico, we insist on full product training. We also encourage testing before our campaigns are launched. Additionally, we work with our clients to put regular spot-checks, mystery shopping, and training updates in place to ensure all team members working on their accounts remain highly educated.  


Misconception #3: Outsourcing delivers low-quality results.  

Every outsourcing business will work differently, but here at Credico, our records speak for themselves. In one recent case study, we share how our client increased customer acquisition by 70% in the first year of working with us and decreased their churn by 20% by retaining customers for longer. Low-quality results are a misconception, and our work stands up exceptionally well to scrutiny. We maintain highly trained teams and use various tools, technologies, measurements, testing, and optimizing to make our client’s outreach as effective as possible.  


Misconception #4: In-house staff are more cost-effective.  

Unfortunately, this is rarely true. When choosing to outsource and utilize a professional industry specialist instead, you save on recruiting, onboarding, and training costs. Additionally, you launch new campaigns rapidly as you’re hiring a team already well-versed in taking action in their field of expertise.  


Misconception #5: Outsourcing damages your brand.  

Matching your outsourced supplier’s values to your own is essential. Typically at Credico, we work with clients that share the same ambitions and approaches to nurturing relationships as we do. As we work in outsourced field sales representing our clients and their brands’ viability in front of customers, we ensure we communicate well in our client’s style so that prospects never know we are not employees of your company. This means that your brand is safe with us.  

Whether you’re looking to scale up into a new market or seeking to fill a knowledge gap, outsourcing can help your business adapt quickly to ever-changing needs.  

At Credico, we’ve simplified outsourced sales for Fortune 150, mid-market, and nonprofit organizations since 1991. We help companies that want to grow their customer base by simplifying the work of coordinating sales efforts. We use face-to-face interactions and creative technology applications to build customer relationships and amplify impact, using low-risk techniques of gathering customer data securely. 

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