Are You Guilty of the 7 Deadly Sales Sins?

Our experience has shown us the areas where our clients often struggle, and our expertise allows us to help you overcome these pain points.


February 7, 2023


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To begin 2023 on a successful path, it’s important that we reflect on what has worked (and not worked) in the previous 12 months. Here at Credico, we recently reviewed some of the common internal areas that our clients struggle with before turning to us to support them with an outsourced sales and marketing team.

We’ve termed these the “7 deadly sins of sales,” which is essentially how we describe common mistakes or bad practices that salespeople make. While the specific sins may vary depending on your team, your niche sector, or your form of delivery, some of the most commonly cited are:


  1. Lack of preparation: Failing to research a potential customer properly or not having a clear understanding of the product or service being sold can make it difficult for a salesperson to close a deal.
  2. Being too pushy: Being overly aggressive or pushy with potential customers can turn them off and make it difficult to establish trust and build a relationship.
  3. Not listening: Failing to listen to a potential customer’s needs and concerns can make it difficult to understand how to best meet their needs and close a sale.
  4. Being too passive: On the other hand, being too passive or not assertive enough can make it difficult for a salesperson to take control of the conversation and guide it toward a sale.
  5. Being dishonest or unethical: Lying to a potential customer or engaging in unethical practices can damage a salesperson’s reputation and harm the company’s image.
  6. Lack of follow-up: Failing to follow up with potential customers after an initial meeting can make it easy for them to forget about the salesperson and move on to other options.
  7. Giving up too quickly: Giving up on a potential customer or deal too easily can mean missing out on valuable sales opportunities.

It’s essential to keep in mind that in sales, having the right attitude, a well-crafted strategy, and being persistent but also having a good balance is key to success. It’s also essential to continuously reflect on one’s sales process and adapt and improve along the way.

Here at Credico, we work closely with our clients to ensure your brand’s reputation is upheld and customer loyalty is enhanced. Credico has proven that allowing business strategy to be driven by consumer needs can be very successful, so having a sales force that understands and respects the customer is a key priority.

Get in touch to find out how we can work together to increase sustainable, mindful customer acquisition.

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