Benefits of Outsourced Sales in the Post-COVID Business Environment

Outsourced sales could be the lifeline many British companies need to bounce back and grow as the country moves towards normality in the business world.


July 29, 2021


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As the UK lifts all restrictions on social distancing, Credico is excited to see businesses making their first moves towards a comeback. Business owners are looking to mitigate risks and minimise losses while assessing the full effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic.  

Credico UK is confident businesses can minimise their losses by drafting experts to outsource their sales strategies. With many advantages, outsourced sales could be the lifeline many companies need to bounce back and grow as England moves towards normality in the business world. 

Credico shares why outsourced sales solutions would benefit businesses looking to bounce back post-pandemic: 


Financial benefits of outsourced sales

Credico has case studies to showcase the results they achieved for businesses during the 2008 recession. During a recession, companies need to cut overheads to minimise losses and generate revenue to keep businesses functioning. Sales outsourcing relieves several business overheads, including rep salaries and managerial salaries to cover the building and running of the sales team. When companies outsource business operations, they also alleviate the costs of hiring and training teams and departments. 



Credico recognises that expertise bears a heavy price tag. By outsourcing sales departments, businesses can leverage expertise in handpicked areas. Outsourcing specialists can improve and streamline sales processes with the added benefit of trained sales representatives ready to launch at the touch of a button.  


Risk reduction

Building and managing sales teams carry many risks. Credico appreciates the impacts on a developing company when hiring doesn’t go to plan or when you are expanding into a new market. Outsourcing specialists can offer the added advantage of knowing local economies, legislations, and business rules, and can support a smoother expansion. 


Scalability and flexibility

In-house sales departments can experience issues when trying to scale; the hiring process takes time and resources that may cause a business to miss out on an opportunity. Outsourcing sales means that expansion can happen almost immediately with little or no disruption to existing campaigns. With the unpredictability of the pandemic, outsourcing sales also has the added advantage of flexibility around quarantine and government-enforced restrictions. 

Outsourcing sales is an effective way to decrease costs on the selling process while preserving its quality and the expertise of managers and sales reps. It supports businesses as they test new strategies and market responses to a new product. In the COVID-19 turmoil, outsourcing can help you rapidly scale your sales up and down depending on the current situation. 

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