Companies Still Need to Focus on Face-to-Face Sales in the Digital Age

We offer three tips for making the most of every personal interaction, delivering impact, connection, and consumer loyalty.


March 9, 2021


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Technology, despite all its advantages, will never replace personal communication benefits.

Credico understands the importance of a brand’s visibility and trust when connecting with consumers. No tweet , Snapchat, or online message can compete with the impact of an in-person connection.

With countless studies examining the performance of face-to-face marketing, Credico explores their critical findings and shares their tips for brands looking to make a significant impact when delivering a face-to-face marketing campaign.


Tip 1: Avoid the hard sell

This sounds contradictory. But no one likes a ‘hard sell’. These stereotypical tactics can leave a sour taste with a consumer and can be perceived as pushy, intimidating, and result in consumers avoiding your sales force. Instead, Credico recommends adopting soft selling tactics to allow a natural conversation to form. Decreasing the perceived pressure will enable the focus to remain on the customer’s pain points versus the product, leaving the consumer feeling valued and understood. Taking the time to understand customers’ challenges is of great value later in the sales process when demonstrating the solutions achieved by purchasing the product.

The best salespeople have advanced soft skills; these allow fluidity in human interaction and allow a strong rapport to build quickly and yield better results.


Tip 2: Understand how emotions impact purchasing decisions

SMITH, an experiential commerce agency, directed a study that showed shoppers are influenced by eight emotions when making a buying decision. These conclusions debunk the misconception that people rely solely on rational planning when purchasing, and emphasize why brands should consider integrating face-to-face marketing channels.

SMITH examined the most frequent emotion during the buying process, finding that nearly 20 percent of those surveyed “needs validation” and that sales channels failing to use human interaction to alleviate uncertainty and anxiety of making the wrong decision were less successful. In comparison, those customers who experienced a confident voice of reason felt validated to go through with a sale there and then.

Credico recognizes the importance of brand education; field marketers therefore need to be a confident voice for the buyer when discussing buying options.


Tip 3: Showcase a strong brand identity

There has never been a greater need for strong brand identity in an increasingly crowded marketplace. Credico stresses that “brand identity” goes further than just the look and feel of a logo, website, or package. To secure consumer trust and encourage loyalty, every brand needs to reinforce its identity by showcasing company values, mission statement, and messaging throughout every interaction. The most consistent platform to achieve this is through face-to-face marketing.

Credico encourages field marketers to understand brand values and consider how on-site behaviors illustrate company ethos, exploring ways to communicate these values into consumer conversations.

For brands looking to make an impact not overlook face-to-face marketing. Credico can demonstrate real results through field marketing in case studies displayed on their website. Check them out and see what outsourcing a field marketing team can do for your brand.

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