Credico Pledges to Nurture Inclusion and Diversity in the Workplace by Partnering with okusoka + co

We share key learnings as we enhance our Diversity and Inclusion policies to inspire more organizations to challenge outdated practices.


March 30, 2021


Insights, United Kingdom

Credico understands the true value of operating a diverse team; to that end, the global firm has committed to enhancing its Diversity and Inclusion policies. Brands that demonstrate openness to diversity will attract, engage, and retain talent more effectively. It leads to enhanced creativity, innovation, reputation, and engagement performance.

Credico has partnered with an external business to achieve its goals. Founded by David Mbaziira, okusoka + co. is a consultancy that partners with organizations by supporting their culture journey in aligning their values and people to drive business growth. Working with okusoka + co has provided Credico with the opportunity to educate their workforce and promote new policies surrounding diversity and inclusion within the organization. Credico shares its learnings on how to nurture diversity and inclusion in the workplace:


Educate Managers About Inclusion in the Workplace

Managers should always exercise best practices and promote the organization’s core values. Identifying as a key person of influence within an organization, managers should encourage inclusion in the workplace. They should receive education and training, supporting their efforts to bridge potential gaps between employees and management.

Credico recommends partnering with experts in this field and providing access to diversity workshops and cultural training to provide education and understanding on the importance of inclusion. Credico believes businesses would benefit from an impartial third party conducting a comprehensive evaluation of the workplace.


Rework Company Policies and Create an Inclusive Workplace Culture

The way to build an inclusive culture is to assess and rework company policies; new policies will be required in some instances. Performance management and recruitment policies are likely to require modernizing. “Companies dedicated to cultivating an inclusive culture would benefit from adapting their hiring processes to include capturing candidates from different sources including community outreach programs, job fairs, and agencies. This will guarantee a variety of diverse talents,” stated Debbie Shaw, Financial Operations and Events Manager, Credico United Kingdom. “I am firm in my belief that salary packages should be determined by job title and skillset alone. It’s disappointing to hear that pay gaps are still evident in 2021; race, gender, and sexual orientation should play no part when determining salaries. There is no place for such inequality at Credico and I’m proud that our organization has always been built on the foundation of being a true meritocracy, whereby anyone can truly succeed no matter their race, background, or sex and I really do feel that this is key now more than ever.”


Communicate Inclusion Goals and Measure Progress

While creating inclusive workplace policies is a great start for businesses looking to do better in 2021, at Credico they understand that it will have little or no impact on employee experience if those policies and expectations aren’t shared companywide. When communicating policies, there should be specific steps outlined for employees to follow should they need to raise an issue or voice a concern. Credico has also introduced a “whistleblowing” platform for any employee, contractor or consultants working and trading with Credico to report any issues (anonymously if preferred) and these will be dealt with immediately

Credico recommends that companies offer regular opportunities to give employee experience feedback; not everyone is confident speaking up about ongoing discrimination in the workplace so these spaces should be created with the psychological safety of employees in mind and this channel could provide anonymity. Drafting in a diversity panel will further support efforts to remove any unconscious bias.


Celebrate Differences to Ensure Everyone Feels Included

What is a better way to welcome cultural differences into an organization than to share in the celebrations? Credico is confident companies who recognize and celebrate days of significance to communities go a long way in dissolving boundaries, providing education, increasing understanding, and building positive relationships in the workplace. Where possible, company publications should reflect opinions, beliefs, and highlight experiences of prejudice – this should always be done sensitively – to ensure opportunities to learn are open to everyone in the company.


Early Introduction to Inclusion (At Onboarding!)

When senior management communicates company values during onboarding, it’s a perfect time to include and to establish the importance of inclusion through policies and visibility. Credico suggests a company’s values should be visible on all channels, including social media, interviews, websites, and onboarding paperwork. Management needs to continually demonstrate their commitment to inclusion to all through consistent behaviors. When welcoming new team members, it is vital to communicate diversity and inclusion policies, list measures to take if they face discrimination, and outline the workplace’s zero-tolerance stance. Every new hire should feel safe in their workplace and observe all genders, races, disabilities, and cultures being welcomed.

Credico has scheduled assessments and will be introducing measurements to guarantee they practice, endorse, and support a diverse and inclusive culture to track progression going forward. The firm has implemented sessions to educate and support awareness of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Credico is proud to share that all company policies and onboarding processes are updated to demonstrate its commitment to ensuring all its employees enjoy working at Credico.

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