Credico UK Hosts Quarterly Business Growth Summit

Our industry is thriving, and we're elated to be able to celebrate and network with some of the best and brightest business owners from across the UK.


March 10, 2022


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Credico was delighted to host a quarterly business growth summit in London for UK business owners and some of the UK’s brightest entrepreneurs.

Day 1 of the event brought together suppliers and partners with workshops and speakers educating on How to Grow and Scale a Business. The first keynote speaker highlighted top-performing businesses and recognised those present at the event. The session was uplifting and inspired attendees with tips on how to track their 2022 growth predictions thus far.

Credico congratulated UK business owners working above their growth predictions and shared enthusiasm for bringing on additional clients looking to outsource their sales and marketing.

The event continued with keynote speakers from different sectors of the business who shared their wisdom on topics such as the importance of attracting talent, increasing client retention in the post-sales environment, keeping a “rebound” attitude, consistency, and habit-forming for success.

Credico was incredibly pleased to see the direct marketing industry’s acceleration despite the sluggish “post-pandemic” environment. In the broader UK market, business closures rose by 6.5% between 2020 and 2021; that’s 390,000 fewer businesses that survived compared to the previous year.

“To see our industry thriving is phenomenal. I hate to call it luck because we have all worked so hard, but we must be grateful for how we have succeeded through this unprecedented time,” said the event host.

The odds were stacked against most businesses during the pandemic-enforced lockdowns, and the business owners attending the summit not only survived but showed endurance and growth. Many of these direct marketing businesses are onset to reach a record number of sales in the opening quarter of 2022.

The business growth summit was not just for education, but also for celebrating. On Day 2 of the event, the sessions were concluded with drinks and networking at the LSQ Rooftop bar in Hotel Indigo, where all event attendees, suppliers, and partners could celebrate how far they have come so far in 2022 together.

These Business Growth Summits are a fantastic opportunity for business owners to meet with industry leaders and successful entrepreneurs from various markets. Networking creates growth opportunities and cultivates success within the sector.

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