Credico UK Sales Model Encourages More Mindful Purchases

More and more people are purchasing items that they later regret. Part of the problem is making these puchases through the internet. Credico UK wants to help encourage more mindful purchases.


February 27, 2020


Press Release, United Kingdom

Consumers waste £641 million every year buying goods online that they don’t want and fail to return for refunds.

A survey of 2,000 UK adults conducted by One Poll commissioned by Gekko reveals that 27% of respondents (approx. 12.4 million UK adults) order products online that they regret buying but never get round to returning. 

“It is a shocking number,” says Credico UK’s Director Ian Attwood. “It is in part what drives the success of our field sales and marketing campaigns.”

Care for the Consumer

Credico UK provides a platform to put the consumer’s well-being and needs first. This helps brands tailor their experience and provide a service or product that enriches their lives. ‘This leads to a more informed purchase decision. Speaking in-person to a sales representative about a specific product or service means that consumers can ask questions, address concerns and tailor a product to their own needs – removing the ‘click and regret’ sensation many consumers report feeling,” adds Mr. Attwood.

Although online shopping is meant to be time-efficient, a whopping 65% said they spent more time shopping online than they intend to because there’s too much choice. And 43% said they also spend more money online than they originally intended.

With the rise of interest in social and environmental impact, excess consumption is beginning to develop a negative reputation. The next generation is seeking ways to make more mindful purchase decisions.

Care for the Environment

The media exposure achieved throughout 2019 in raising issues surrounding the environment will only become more prevalent with these consumers. They are concerned about the excessive use of packaging, single-use plastics, and carbon emissions of the transport associated with home deliveries.

Credico UK claims it is time brands reconsider how consumers like to shop and rediscover thoughtfulness and intentionality in purchases. Building a relationship with consumers has never been more critical. Buying more is not the solution. Consumers want to be smarter and more efficient in the way they choose to shop, and that is something that field sales and marketing can offer.

Credico UK, an independent field sales and marketing company, works with brands to increase customer acquisition. Working closely with their clients to ensure the reputation of the brand is upheld and customer loyalty is enhanced, Credico UK has proven that allowing business strategy to be driven by consumers can be very successful. As consumers’ interest in brand ethics has increased, it is important for behavioral change to be incorporated into any marketing or business strategy.

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