How Face-to-Face Marketing Helps Build Trust with Consumers

With internet marketing becoming the go-to method of many companies, some forget the benefits of face-to-face marketing. It helps build trust unlike any other marketing strategy.


March 6, 2019


Press Release, United Kingdom

A new study in the US has revealed increasing consumer confusion with retail bankers and their marketing communications. Face-to-face marketing agency Credico UK has shared why it’s essential to engage with prospects in a transparent manner that builds trust.

Research by VisibleThread analyzed almost 5,000 public pages from financial institutions’ websites. Revealingly, this research concluded that many are failing to resonate with their intended target audiences. It appears consumers are confused by what financial marketers are telling them, using overly complicated terms, a passive tone of voice, and long sentences that don’t read well.


A Customer’s Point of View

Credico UK is urging businesses to understand the consumer perspective before launching marketing campaigns and other collateral.

“The aim should be to provide consumers with access to better customer service. And sometimes this means putting them in front of knowledgeable advisors so that they can ensure brands are offering them the best deal possible. Consequently, this transparency and clarity in communication between the two parties will build trust – especially when carried out face-to-face,” outlined a spokesperson for Credico UK.

The firm also believes that the element of financial security plays a crucial role in the journey towards consumers trusting a brand. For many, finding an excellent service that protects their money is essential. If a customer can’t understand what a financial marketer or brand is telling them, they’re not only less likely to invest in their services, but will lack trust in said brand.

This is why Credico UK believes marketing communications carried out in-person, face-to-face is a perfect fit for the financial service sector, both in the UK and abroad. The firm believes such endeavors ensure clear, more humanized communication.


The Personalized Touch

Although social and digital technology has found ways to imitate the in-person conversations between both parties, it doesn’t always hit the mark. The nature of this confusion in the financial sector means allowing customers to sit down one-on-one to ask questions and address concerns could be pivotal.

By alerting more businesses to the effectiveness of the face-to-face method of marketing communications, the agency is hopeful that the financial sector will invest heavier in immersive experiences and improved in-person services to deliver the experiences customers are seeking in 2019.

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