Credico’s Secret to In-Person Sales Success

Our area of expertise is in-person sales, a meaningful way of doing business that values and understands customers. The tools may change, but the foundation has remained the same for over three decades.


March 25, 2024


Insights, United Kingdom

In-person sales is our secret to business success. We see the numbers. We hear the rumblings that in-store sales is dying because online shopping in digital stores is taking over. To that, we say nothing. Instead, we continue to thrive in our corner of the market, which many businesses continue to abandon simply because it’s the latest trend. While we see the value in online shopping, its convenience, and its financial potential, in-person sales is the essence of business and customer service.

Before the digital era, door-to-door sales were the norm, a tradition dating back to the 1920s in the United Kingdom. Traveling salespeople would journey from house to house, introducing the latest products that were all the rage. From Tupperware to Avon cosmetics, these items were sold with a personal touch. This tradition evolved into in-store sales when department stores became the new platform for businesses to connect with their customers. This rich history of in-person sales evokes a sense of respect and admiration for the tradition and the personal connection it fosters – a personal touch that is lost when relying exclusively on digital sales tactics.

Since 2012, the rise of online sales in the UK has seen incredible growth. According to the Centre for Retail Research, “in the UK, online market share shot up from 10.6% (2012) to 26.5% (2022).” And the latest numbers show this rise is constant. The UK International Trade Administration predicts that by 2025, the annual growth rate of online retail purchases will be 12.6%. While these numbers may cause businesses to want to close up shop and head for the digital hills, at Credico, we see this as an opportunity to stay the course.

Customers are more than just numbers; they are humans who crave interaction and connection. Whether it’s hiking with friends, dining at a festival, or shopping, these interactions fulfill an innate need. Shopping, while not an official sport, is often a recreational activity for many. In-person sales are still strong, as indicated by a Reuters article showing a strong rebound in retail sales in January 2024, with sales up 3.4% from December. These figures don’t just give us hope; they reaffirm our belief in the value of in-person sales. It’s not a lost art, but a meaningful way of doing business that values and understands the customer.

We keep it simple, and we keep it personal. In-person sales is how we compete. We embrace technology and all the advancements available to us, but we use in-person sales and the creative aspects of technology to build and strengthen our relationships and amplify our impact on our customers. It’s our sales strategy and how we help companies looking to grow and connect with new customers. In-person interactions help eliminate questions and concerns. It’s the salesperson, the product, and the customer. In real time, we interact as humans to build communities and improve lives.

If your product can improve a customer’s life, being available to them in person allows for meaningful interactions with customers and product demonstrations. When done right, it restores our faith and connection with others—remembering someone’s name, sharing a happy birthday, or a smile. Consider the value of the milkman who always remembered your order, a live demonstration from the door-to-door salesman who gave you the cleanest carpet you’ve ever seen, or the Avon lady who wasn’t selling make-up but beauty and confidence. That’s what face-to-face and in-store sales are all about for us. It’s the exchange with a fellow human and the potential of making someone’s day, even if it’s not through the sale but through the smile that can only be shared in person.

Our secret to in-person sales success is that we’ve never stopped. We appreciate the historical value and the pride in it and apply that same energy and intention with every sale and every customer we have the privilege of interacting with.


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