Five Ways In-Person Sales Can Help Businesses Grow

A human connection is made when meeting customers face to face, leading to increased brand loyalty, brand equity, and amazing word-of-mouth.


July 7, 2023


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If you’re a business owner looking for ways to expand your reach and increase sales, consider the benefits of face-to-face sales. Despite the widespread belief that face-to-face sales are no longer relevant in a world that heavily depends on technology, face-to-face sales continue to maintain relevance and can be a powerful approach that drives business growth.

It may surprise you that door-to-door sales remain a thriving $28.6 billion industry. This fact alone should highlight the importance of meeting your clients or prospects in person, which can make all the difference in closing a sale. In fact, F2F or field sales teams comprise 71.2% of the sales force, and despite the attention given to online sales, F2F sales reps are still achieving impressive sales figures, both in person and online.

Face-to-face sales, also known as personal selling or in-person sales, involves a business selling its products or services to customers in person. This sales approach is used in both B2B and B2C scenarios. F2F sales can be a valuable tool for businesses in the UK looking to grow, and here are five ways in which this traditional method can help you achieve your business goals:


F2F sales builds personal connections

“Make a customer, not a sale,” as renowned retailer Katharine Barchetti once said. Building connections with your customers is crucial in sales, and meeting them in person can establish rapport and trust that may be challenging to achieve through other channels. Face-to-face sales are, therefore, essential for business growth. Business trainer Jeffery Gitomer once said, “Great salespeople are relationship builders who provide and help their customers win,” and winning is the goal of any great business.


F2F sales facilitates product demonstrations

When it comes to making a purchase decision, 69% of customers believe that a F2F product demonstration is more helpful than relying solely on digital communication. This means that sales representatives who can showcase the value of your products or services in person have an edge over those who cannot.


F2F sales lets you present a personalized sales pitch

When a sales representative interacts with potential customers in real-time, they can tailor their sales pitch to meet their specific needs and address any concerns they may have. This usually occurs after establishing a connection through active listening and friendly conversation.


F2F sales facilitates gathering feedback

Did you know that a slight increase of 5% in customer retention rates can boost your profits by 25% to 95%? Engaging in face-to-face sales can help you collect valuable customer feedback that can inform product development, marketing strategies, and other business decisions. This feedback can then be used to refine and enhance both products and marketing strategies.


F2F sales helps you close deals

When you get closer to closing deals, F2F sales can provide a significant advantage over online. This is primarily because F2F interactions allow salespeople to address objections and answer questions at the moment. Because of body language and nonverbal cues, salespeople can better gauge customer responses and tailor their approach accordingly.

When businesses meet potential customers in person, they create a human connection that can lead to a more customized and successful sales experience. This can lead to brand loyalty, which is essential for businesses to thrive for many years. As a result of brand loyalty, a company can have the coveted brand equity that many businesses never quite manage to achieve. Considering 60% of people would rather make a purchase from a familiar brand, consider implementing a F2F sales strategy or improving your current system to ensure your business is both successful and competitive. Even though technology has advanced so much that it has changed how your business shops and sells, companies that include face-to-face interactions in their strategy still see great advantages in implementing this time-honored practice.

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