From Joburg to Chicago: Credico is Building Cohesive Hybrid Teams Worldwide

Bringing together global talent is easier than ever, but doing it effectively is something Credico has decades of experience with.


April 26, 2024


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How does your company ensure that global teams are connected and hybrid working is successful? From the vibrant streets of Johannesburg to the bustling city of Chicago, Credico is leading the way in bringing talented individuals together, regardless of geographical boundaries.

The world is smaller than it ever has been in terms of communication. And businesses are constantly seeking innovative ways to expand their customer base and improve sales. Credico has been expanding its global presence since 1991 and has discovered the secret to building connected teams. Let’s explore how Credico is building cohesive hybrid teams worldwide, bringing together global talent.


Building Cohesive Hybrid Teams Worldwide

Credico’s commitment to building cohesive hybrid teams is evident in their recent initiatives. Their annual CanJam event brings together teams from Canada and the United States. What do they do? They spend this time:

  • Planning
  • Building strategies
  • Skill-building
  • Reviewing results
  • Discussing IT security

Not only did they use the time to share ideas and discuss business processes, but they also spent time getting to know each other on a personal level and had lots of fun. They engaged in a daring game of axe throwing with a healthy amount of competition. They ate tapas, engaged in a fun cooking lesson and generally enjoyed each other’s company.

These types of events go a long way to creating collaboration and cohesion among team members and also showcase Credico’s dedication to creating a global network of talented professionals. How could your company follow Credico’s example and contribute to building a connected and happy hybrid team? Use these ideas and organize team-building events such as:

  • Virtual team building activities
  • Online collaboration tools
  • Regular virtual team meetings
  • Team-building workshops

Being mindful of this relatively new and global working culture means that managers and senior leadership teams will create opportunities to keep teams working together.

“We stay connected across the globe by working together on certain initiatives, sharing best practices, and building relationships. We leverage collaboration tools for meetings and day to day communication. On top of that, it is the in-person events that really enhance our level of connectivity and teamwork” says Christine Aceron, Vice President of Strategy and Operations at Credico USA.


Supporting Entrepreneurial Success Worldwide

Credico South Africa’s 2023 Awards Gala celebrated entrepreneurial success, recognizing the achievements of individuals and businesses in the local market. This event showcased Credico’s commitment to supporting partners and highlighted their dedication to nurturing a thriving business community globally.

The UK offers similar opportunities for celebration by organizing events that are perfect for connecting with others and getting to know colleagues and peers. These events include seminars where attendees enjoy inspirational talks from industry leaders, awards recognizing the various accomplishments in their network, and great getaways to rest and recharge.


Bringing Teams and Partners Together

Through its global journey, Credico has consistently demonstrated its expertise in building cohesive hybrid teams that can thrive, and celebrating the network of entrepreneurs that Credico is proud to support.

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