Outsourced Direct Sales at All-Time High, According to Credico

Outsourcing to a local team of experts can give your business an immediate advantage in experience, enthusiasm, and agility.


July 5, 2022


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Over the five years through 2022, the direct selling and marketing industry is set to contract at a compound annual rate of 0.1% to £2.5 billion. 

Direct selling remains a force in the retail world. Even with the growing pace of digital and online purchases, it is still favored as an alternative to the conventional “shop” experience.  

In the 2018 Global Outsourcing Survey, Deloitte found that companies embrace outsourcing more today than ever before, but the motivations are shifting. Once a popular driver, cost savings dropped out of the top five reasons. 

Company leaders now realize that outsourcing can help them “deliver competitive advantage by transforming the way they operate, making them more agile, efficient, and effective.” This realization is being put into action, with 84% of companies surveyed either discussing or implementing some outsourced solution. 

One of the main reasons businesses choose to outsource when direct selling is rapid access to a wider variety of skills. Getting the same work from an outsourced sales agency that you would from a team of full-time employees saves money and makes your business more profitable.  

Improving their customer experience was another critical factor for companies. Outsourcing helps improve your customer experience by enhancing the consistency of the company’s interactions. 

So, what makes this industry so robust? In a word, talent. With a red-hot job market, demand for flexible work, and technological advancements, the outsourcing sales industry is due for expansion in 2022. More than ever, people are attracted to work in this industry.  

When asked during Credico’s quarterly Leadership Summit, a sample of 50 sales agents stated the absence of any gender pay gap was a clear advantage and was rated the number one reason for agents being attracted to the industry. 

Add to that equation the social aspect of the job. Working alongside like-minded peers when most businesses embrace work-from-home or a hybrid business model, it is clear to see why there is no lack of talent for this work. 

“We are seeing both demands from clients: to have a physical presence in specific markets and a reduced need for expensive retail space. Combine that with a huge pool of talented sales agents who seek a greater connection with their customers and flexibility in their work – it is a perfect storm,” claims Ian Attwood, CEO at Credico UK. 

These insights throw a positive light on the growth of the direct selling industry. Outsourced sales is highly beneficial in helping a business achieve efficiency. However, knowing the advantages and the inherent disadvantages will go a long way in shaping your perspectives before outsourcing some of your essential operations.  

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