Reaching Your Target Audience Through In-Store Business Marketing Messages  

We all want our customers to feel special - research and personalization are key to effective, authentic outreach.


February 5, 2024


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Businesses create products or services with a particular beneficiary in mind – whether a business or an individual. This specific individual, demographic, or audience was the main focus when the product or service was designed to help them improve their lives or work in some way. For instance, let’s say you have created a pen unlike any other writing instrument on the market. This pen will not only change the way people write but also improve their writing experience. However, your business needs to get the word out to the people and companies that need, want, and will benefit from this pen. So, it is vital to target your audience effectively by conveying the awesomeness of your product or service. What your business says and how you describe the product or service will be crucial in connecting with your target audience.

In-person sales professionals can master the art of targeting their messaging to their audiences as part of your company’s Customer Relationship Management plan. That’s because in-store sales professionals can also serve as marketers. When this is done strategically, in-person sales professionals can increase sales tremendously. An Adobe study shows that using personalization in marketing campaigns yields a positive ROI for 89% of marketers. Twilio research finds that 60% of consumers will become repeat customers after a personalized shopping experience. These could be campaigns or initiatives to promote a new product, end-of-season sales, or gathering customer information. Whatever the reason for your campaign, the right messaging can make it successful. Personalizing your messaging is essential to reaching your target audience – it makes them feel special and know you care. They aren’t another sale; they are a person. And personalizing your messaging when you’re face-to-face does something very important in business — it emphasizes the person.

When sales professionals personalize their messages, it strengthens their connection with customers and brands. This is especially true for businesses that offer multiple products or services. By building stronger customer relations, brands can benefit from this messaging and customer rapport. This message is far more significant than a warm hello, which is customer service 101 — introducing yourself to your customer and then calling the customer by name throughout your time together. During that introduction, asking the right questions and clarifying their answers is vital to ensure you understand their needs and why they are visiting your store. Based on their information, suggest a suitable product or ask their permission to offer something else that might be equally useful. This approach can help fulfill their needs and enhance their overall in-store experience. To personalize your messaging, you could use information about their past purchases, preferences, and feedback. This is especially important in today’s highly competitive market, where digital and in-store sales are constantly competing.

Once the product or service has been identified, you must confirm that you have the correct contact information or collect it if necessary. To personalize your messaging and make it more effective, you must tailor it to customer data or personal information. However, asking for personal information must be done sincerely and with care. It’s best to inform the customer that their personal information is required only to ensure they are informed about your upcoming savings opportunities.

Effective customer communication is crucial for achieving our sales goals and building a strong brand bond. The messaging we use is not just about the words we choose but also the approach and intention behind them. Although the core message may be the same, it is essential to tailor the details to each customer’s individual needs. By imagining ourselves in the customer’s shoes, we can appreciate the value of personalized and authentic communication with a sales representative. Therefore, it is essential to tailor our messaging to our target audience because they deserve to be seen and catered to.

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