Reasons Why You’re NOT Retaining Clients – and How to Fix It

Are your customers ghosting you? Read on to learn what might be wrong and how Credico can help you fix it.


July 19, 2023


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Does your business need help retaining customers? If so, you’re not alone. Many companies struggle to keep their customers engaged and coming back for more. Fortunately, there are ways to fix this problem. Credico, an outsourced sales firm with offices in Chicago, MontrĂ©al, Chester, and Johannesburg, has been helping Fortune 150, mid-market, and nonprofit organizations simplify outsourced sales since 1991.

Here are 11 reasons why you may struggle to retain customers and how Credico can help you fix it.


  1. Lack of customer engagement: Customers need to feel valued and appreciated to stick around. Ensure your customer service team is engaging with customers regularly and providing them with the best possible experience.
  2. Poor customer service: Customer service is vital to keeping customers happy and coming back for more. Keep your customer service team well-trained and equipped with the tools they need to provide an excellent customer experience.
  3. Not enough follow-up: Following up with customers after their purchase is essential if you want them to return in the future. Your team should follow up with each customer after their purchase or interaction with your business to ensure a positive experience every time they interact with your business.
  4. Not understanding customer needs: Understanding what your customers need is essential if you want them to stay loyal to your business over time. Make sure you take the time to get feedback from your customers so that you can better understand their needs and tailor your services accordingly.
  5. Not offering incentives: Offering incentives such as discounts or loyalty programs can help encourage customers to return and remain loyal over time. Consider offering incentives such as discounts or loyalty programs that reward repeat purchases or referrals from existing customers to keep them coming back again and again.
  6. Not utilizing data analytics: Data analytics can be a powerful tool when it comes to understanding what drives customer loyalty over time and how best to retain those customers in the future. Applying data analytics can help you better understand which strategies are working best for retaining current customers as well as which strategies may need improvement for you to maximize retention rates, both now and in the future.
  7. Not leveraging technology: Technology can be a great asset when it comes to retaining current customers as well as attracting new ones! Leveraging technology such as automated emails, personalized messages, or even chatbots can help ensure each customer feels valued while also helping streamline processes within your organization so that everyone involved can do their job easier.
  8. Not taking advantage of social media: Social media platforms such as TikTok, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others are great tools for connecting with potential new leads as well as engaging existing ones. Taking advantage of these platforms by creating content tailored specifically towards potential or existing leads can help increase engagement levels while also providing valuable insights into what kind of content resonates best with each segment of users.
  9. Not using direct sales techniques: Direct sales techniques such as face-to-face meetings, events, door-to-door canvassing, etc., are great ways of getting in front of potential leads while also building relationships with existing ones. Implementing direct sales techniques allows businesses to better understand who their target market is while also allowing them the opportunity to build trust between themselves and their clients.
  10. Not utilizing referral programs: Referral programs are another great way to increase existing clients’ engagement and attract new ones. By incentivizing existing clients through rewards for referring others, businesses can increase brand awareness while also building relationships between themselves and potential leads.
  11. Not taking advantage of outsourcing: Outsourcing certain aspects of marketing or sales campaigns can benefit businesses looking for ways to save money while still achieving desired results. Working with an experienced agency like Credico allows businesses access not only experienced professionals but also specialized resources that would otherwise be unavailable.

With Credico’s expertise as a brokerage of direct sales and marketing campaigns, businesses have access to experienced professionals with specialized resources that would otherwise be inaccessible, expensive, or time-consuming to acquire. By leveraging innovative sales techniques, your business will have all the necessary tools to achieve success when it comes to retaining current clients while attracting new ones.

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