Tips for Staying Motivated in Q3 and Q4

Stay motivated through the end of the year with these four useful reminders.


August 21, 2023


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Sales is a mind game, and historically, Q3 and Q4 are the hardest sales periods. To excel in the industry, it is necessary to embrace rejection as part of the job and to have a deep understanding of the science of selling and the behaviorism of the customer you’re selling to. In uncertain times, successful sales professionals set themselves apart from their peers and competitors by strategically getting back in the game and out of their own heads — especially in Q3 if your projected sales quotas are not within reach.

Q3 is often referred to as the summer slowdown. You email your contact, and the out-of-office message greets you informing you that your decision-making contact is on vacation, referring you to someone else who recommends contacting them when they return weeks from the day you initially reached out. According to Industry Select, “Q3 is a critical period when budgets are finalized and allocated for the following year. This can lead to hesitation and longer sales cycles as companies exercise caution in committing funds.” Q4 is considered the holiday season, when more decision-makers are out of the office, and the pressure of ending the year on a high note looms.

However, you’re in sales and have a quota to meet. What do you do? How do you stay motivated as you were in the Q1 and Q2 through the remainder of the year? Do you limp along or put the pedal to the metal, go full speed ahead, and strap in for the ride?

If you’re a sales representative feeling pressured to meet end-of-year goals, here are some helpful tips to stay motivated, think strategically, and avoid giving up.


#1. Stay motivated by breaking down your goals

A helpful strategy to tackle your Q3 and Q4 sales goals is to break them down into smaller, more manageable tasks. Just as you can only eat an elephant one bite at a time, taking this approach can make your targets more reachable and less daunting. It may be helpful to adjust your goals on a daily, weekly, or bi-weekly basis. This can help ensure you make the most of every moment and every day. You may discover gaps in your sales strategy as you go through this process.


#2. Stay motivated by educating yourself on the psychology of sales

To truly thrive in sales and maintain motivation during Q3 and Q4, it’s essential to educate yourself beyond just sales training. By reading about the psychology of selling, you can learn how to conquer feelings of guilt, shame, or fear that may arise during slower seasons. To name a few books, you may want to consider “The Psychology of Selling” by Brian Tracy, “Influence” by Dr. Robert Cialdini, or “The Science of Selling” by David Hoffeld. Reading to absorb the expertise of others can help you master the art of selling and succeed regardless of the time of year.


#3. Stay motivated by identifying your pain points

Like customers have pain points with their sales experience, sales professionals have the same frustrations and issues. Perhaps it’s fear, a busy schedule, or a lack of confidence. Whatever it may be, take the time to get to the root of your current behaviors affecting your sales performance. Self-reflection can help you adjust your approach and navigate the busy season more successfully.


#4. Stay motivated by connecting with a mentor

When work gets tough, it’s especially helpful to have someone to talk to who you trust, who is understanding, and can offer guidance. A mentor, like a coach or counselor, can provide that support, especially when you’re feeling the pressures that are unique to sales professionals. While finding the right mentor may take some time and effort, it’s worth it to establish a relationship with someone you admire in your industry. They can share their experiences and offer motivation when you need it.

If sales professionals lack motivation, they won’t earn. It takes determination and focus to stay motivated in the second half of the year and reach the finish line. When your bottom line is at stake, avoiding distractions caused by a lack of motivation is important, as they can be costly in sales.

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