Why Companies Seeking Growth Should Embrace Direct Sales

Welcoming direct sales into your company strategy adds a personal touch to your brand image. As part of a multi-channel strategy, it's unstoppable.


March 7, 2023


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Direct selling is not a thing of the past. As a matter of fact, direct selling is in demand, and if you’re in business and want to grow and thrive, this trend should be embraced and introduced into your sales strategy for 2023.

According to the U.S. Direct Selling Association’s 2021 Direct Selling Growth and Outlooks Survey, this industry generated $42.7 billion in retail sales, which is up by 6.4% in 2020, a record-breaking year for the channel. The DSA, a national trade organization representing businesses selling goods and services directly to customers, also found in its survey that “44.6 million preferred customers and discount buyers purchased through the direct sales channel, an increase of 7.2% over 2020.” Considering these stats are undeniably telling, embracing direct sales is not only being ambitious about wanting to grow but accepting the reality that we need face-to-face interactions in business because simply put, we are human.

So what is ‘direct selling’ or ‘direct sales’? Well, it’s in the name. Direct selling, or sales, is when a company sells its products or services directly to its customer or client. As an expert broker in direct sales and marketing campaigns, Credico (USA) LLC helps businesses to understand the unrivaled benefits of adding a direct sales channel to their business strategies. And we know firsthand that while it may be tempting for companies to abandon retail in favor of an entirely online system, this technique has been shown to be unsuccessful in the past. After more than three decades in business, we know that removing all face-to-face connections is incredibly risky. The loss of brand power can negatively impact your company’s ability to forge a lasting relationship with customers, which affects how it can compete in today’s market, both online and in person.

That’s why we believe in the omnichannel, or multi-channel, approach. Omni-channel marketing combines and connects an organization’s various customer communication channels to provide customers with a consistent brand experience. Omni-channel marketing seamlessly integrates branding, messaging, and online and offline touch points as consumers move down the sales funnel, enabling a more impactful customer experience. In addition, this layered marketing takes a consumer-centric view of marketing tactics.

When embracing a direct selling strategy with Credico, it’s all within reach. Businesses can meet sales goals, launch new products, expand into new territory, and push their bottom line to a new level while taking part in the demand for direct sales to sell to your customer and secure the sale. Our approach is simple, but our results are undeniable:


Business to Business

We build relationships through business-to-business. Selling to businesses requires expertise and experience. Our clients turn to us because we specialize in building strong, lasting partnerships that uplift your brand.


Business to Customer

In today’s digital world, it is important to interact with clients directly, and we recognize this. Consumers need to know what your clients have to offer and how they can get it. In addition, we make sure your goods are advertised to the appropriate groups of people to boost sales and improve brand recognition.


Meeting the Customer Where They Are

There’s no better time to interact with a potential customer than when they’re in a buying mood. Credico does that with a professional presence in relevant retail stores. With the significant foot traffic experienced by major retailers and events, our clients enjoy a lift in their overall sales through the retail face-to-face channel.


Digital Marketing

We live in a digital world, and having a digital presence is a must. Because so many people shop online, Credico can bring our client’s products or services to the target customer through a strong online marketing campaign. We drive sales online in the digital world and the real world.


Connecting Globally

Our big planet seems smaller every day because of the internet. With offices in four different time zones, Credico has the resources, flexibility, and expertise to connect individuals worldwide.

Credico works alongside existing business models to execute a direct marketing strategy to seamlessly transform businesses into multi-channel operations. How do we do this? We offer strategies for growing your current revenue without adding more internal sales staff. The Credico business model makes it simple for companies to succeed. Since 1991, we have collaborated with Fortune 150, mid-market, and well-known charitable organizations. We are recognized as industry leaders in outsourced sales and marketing.

Is your company ready to embrace direct sales in 2023? If so, contact Credico today.

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