Why Should Businesses Use a Third-Party Sales Company?

As we discover a new normal, businesses that are most receptive to change will be the ones to flourish. Can outsourcing help you adapt and thrive?


March 16, 2021


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Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, businesses globally reacted to survive. Challenges included a switch to remote working, and many companies took the opportunity to rethink their sales and marketing budgets.
Research from Opinium and LiveArea suggests that 28% of companies consider ‘outsourcing’ a survival strategy.
Outsourcing processes became an opportunity to stabilize and adapt to the new business climate. A significant factor influencing Fortune 500 brands with complex processes is their ability to implement strategies fast and see a positive ROI.
“Businesses across the globe will need to rethink their businesses completely. As no one can fully forecast the implications of COVID-19, businesses must show resilience and be adaptable as market changes will require immediate responses. I am firm in my belief that brands who are receptive to change will not only cope but will flourish in a post-COVID economy,” stated John Zavoyna, Chief Operating Officer for Credico USA and Canada.
Credico has a history of working successfully with businesses of all sizes, partnering them with third-party sales companies. Here, the firm shares the advantages companies can achieve by partnering with a third-party sales company in 2021:


Scalable Sales

Sales managers understand the frustration of employee-based project management. Each campaign will require a different level of expertise, knowledge and experience. Businesses large and small cannot treat their staff like Lego, adding and removing pieces when needed. Credico agrees that adding in complementary skills will require additional budget and time resources to enhance internal teams successfully. Partnering with a third-party sales company allows businesses to access high-class experts and adopt low-risk modelling to introduce a new product or explore a new market. The adaptability of resources is crucial for partnering with a third-party sales company.


Sales Outsourcing Costs

As businesses grow in size, the complexities of internal processes increase, sustainable growth budgeting strategies need to realign, and business leaders will examine what human resources are required and how processes will need to adapt to guarantee a streamlining of customer experience. The average cost to train and hire a new employee is approximately USD 4,000, and even more should it not work out. Not all companies can release the budget to cope with hiring and firing. Credico is unsurprised a 2008 Deloitte study, indicating that 64% of the companies consider cost-savings as the primary factor driving them towards outsourcing.



As businesses transition into new markets or launching new products, there will naturally be growing pains. Investors and business owners will want to see results fast. In-house teams will draw heavily on resources (technology, training, equipment, etc.), and reporting ROI can become complicated. Credico partners businesses with successful third-party sales companies with a guaranteed ROI, unlocking businesses’ abilities to meet sales goals, launch new products, expand into new territory, and push their bottom line to a new level.
At Credico, we provide options for you to expand your existing sales without expanding internal sales departments. Credico’s model makes it easy for businesses to get ahead. We are considered experts in outsourced sales and marketing, partnering with Fortune 150, mid-market, and renowned nonprofit organizations since 1991.
We can help you partner with an independent third-party sales company. Get in touch today.

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