Why Fortune 500 Brands Choose Credico

Learn more about Credico's experience and expertise, and why Fortune 500 brands choose us to improve their customer acquisition rates.


April 13, 2023


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In today’s fast-paced business environment, customer acquisition and retention have become critical factors for any company’s success. For companies to grow and succeed, they need a strong sales pipeline that can bring in new customers and retain existing ones.

However, building a robust sales pipeline that can deliver consistent results is challenging and requires the right skills, knowledge, and experience. That’s where Credico comes in – a company that has been supporting businesses for over 30 years to improve their sales pipelines and customer acquisition and retention rates.

Credico has a wealth of experience in customer acquisition and retention, helping numerous Fortune 500 brands achieve their sales goals, improve their customer experience, and enhance their overall business performance. Credico’s experience has enabled them to develop a deep understanding of the market, consumer behavior, and sales strategies, which allows them to provide targeted and effective solutions to their clients.

One of the key reasons why brands choose Credico is their level of expertise. Credico has a network of highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals who are dedicated to helping their clients improve their sales pipelines and customer acquisition rates. Credico is well-versed in the latest sales and marketing techniques and truly understands how to get results in volatile market conditions.

A long-term client of Credico noted: “In the years since our partnership began, Credico has helped us build the UK’s biggest face-to-face switching operation. In energy alone, over 150,000 customers per year choose to switch their supplier after comparing with one of our representatives. The volume and quality of customer service have helped the client forge key partnerships with the UK’s leading brands, adding further strength and impetus to our face-to-face campaign.”

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Another reason Credico is highly sought after is its high customer retention rates. When prompted to explain how they deliver above-average results in this area, Credico outlined the following:

Deep understanding of customer needs: We take the time to understand customers’ pain points and needs. Our network of sales agents listen carefully to customers and ask the right questions to gain a thorough understanding of their business, goals, and challenges.

Product knowledge: We become experts in our clients’ products. We ensure we understand the features, benefits, and unique selling points of their offering, which allows our network to communicate the value proposition to potential customers effectively.

Strong communication skills: Excellent communication skills are a must-have to achieve high customer retention. Listening, understanding, and communicating effectively are essential for building strong customer relationships.

Proactive support: We go beyond just closing a sale. We can provide proactive support to their customers if they want us to, anticipating and addressing any issues or concerns before they become major problems. This helps to build trust and strengthen the customer relationship.

Continuous improvement: We regularly gather customer feedback and use that feedback to refine our approach and improve our offering. This helps to ensure that we stay ahead of the competition and continue to meet their customers’ evolving needs.

By embodying these qualities, Credico differentiates itself from competitors and creates long-term relationships with customers, ultimately leading to more Fortune 500 brands choosing us as an outsourcing partner.


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